We are Leadership and Performance Coaches with a clear mission:  to help you close the gap between where you are and where you aspire to be in your role as a person, student-athlete, professional, or any other role unique to you.  We achieve this mission through performance training via our “Lead-Self First” program, and leadership development via our “Lead-Others” Program.

All our programs are tailored to individual and organizational needs, offering a range of accessible delivery methods. These methods are practical, actionable, and designed to enhance performance at both individual and organizational levels.


Energize your events with our dynamic keynote and conference presentations, tailored to your specific needs. Our speaking engagements range from insightful 30-minute power talks to immersive 90-minute session, all crafted to align with your chosen topics and delivered by a speaker with a diverse background of real life experiences. Whether you're seeking to ignite inspiration, drive change or foster innovation, our engaging presentations are designed to leave a lasting impact on your audience. 


We facilitate workshops, breakout sessions, or continuing education events.  All workshops are interactive and involve exercises designed to provide the participants with relevant, actionable, and thought-provoking material.  Workshops are typically conducted in a half day format of 2-4 hours, or a full-day format of 6-8 hours.  Workshop content is tailored to meet organizational needs and can include selected topics from either our lead-self or lead-others programs.

We also conduct long-term professional development, and leadership development programs that allow organizations to benefit from both our lead-self and lead-others programs.  These programs are extremely beneficial because they allow organizations to emplace comprehensive systems designed to improve individual and organizational performance.  These programs typically include monthly events and span 9-10 months.


We also offer our “Lead-Self” program via an on-line, self-paced, and community-based program.  This self-paced program includes the same content and exercises provided with our in-person events.  Our on-line community offers the opportunity to interact with our coaches and other participants.


We provide one-on-one coaching to executives, student-athletes, and others.  Coaching is done either in-person or virtually via Zoom. 

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