If you find it challenging to understand self-leadership, you'll encounter significant difficulties in understanding how to lead others, including your own family.

Our Lead-Self Model is designed to:

  •  “Bridge the Gap” between where you are and your best self.
  •  Accelerate your self-awareness journey so you can better understand yourself, and others.
  •  Assist you in creating purpose, direction, and intention in your life by determining where you are, where you are going, and how you will get to your destination.

The Lead-Self Program is designed to help you:    

  1.  Create an ORGANIZATIONAL TOOLBOX to help you live with intention and purpose so you can focus your time, energy, and effort on what is important to you.
  2.  Craft a PERSONAL COMPASS to help you navigate life’s complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity with character.
  3.  Cultivate your default MINDSETS so you can think clearly, improve your decision making, perform at your best, and get the results you need.
  4.  Develop the MENTAL TOUGHNESS, grit, and discipline necessary to do what is needed when you don’t feel like doing it.
  5.  Emplace a simple and effective GOAL SETTING SYSTEM to focus your efforts and measure their effectiveness.
  6.  Establish UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE, that calm, cool, consistent, and intense trust in yourself.
  7.  Develop the ability to MANAGE DISTRACTION and be MINDFUL so you can focus on what is important to you.
  8.  Identify and establish the HABITS AND RITUALS necessary to achieve your potential.
  9.  Apply VISUALIZATION techniques to create the structured / intentional vision of yourself achieving your goals.
  10.  Establish constructive SELF-TALK habits to replace the common, negative, and destructive inner chatter.

YOUR RESULT: A more self-aware, focused, mentally tough, character driven leader that performs and gets results in challenging environments.  

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Leading others can be intimidating, especially if you are a new, inexperienced leader, and like most, possess no formal leadership development training.  Our Lead Others Model is designed to eliminate the mystery, stress, and frustration associated with leading others by focusing on the fundamentals.

Leaders are not created overnight, and as a result, our program is an investment, and requires commitment.   

Most programs teach leadership, place you in a leader role, and expect immediate results.  This approach seldom works long-term, and often results in frustration. 

Our Lead Others Program is different. We too teach the fundamentals of leadership, but that is just the beginning. 

Our program integrates the learn, apply, and reflect methodology with practical and hands-on experiential learning.

The crux of leadership development is creating opportunities for the student to apply what they have learned. Without this application, it's not leadership development but simply teaching leadership. Our approach involves working with individuals and management to create skill level appropriate and supervised leadership opportunities for individuals to apply what they’ve learned in a practical and actionable way, assess their performance, provide feedback, and accelerate their development as a leader.

Reflection is the secret weapon to long-term learning but is also the most overlooked component. We’ll help you learn how to incorporate this powerful tool into your personal development program, specific to your leadership development.

Our program focuses on the fundamentals:

  1.  If you want to be a leader, it is prudent to begin by answering the questions: “What is Leadership?” and “Why do I want to be a Leader?”.
  2.  We then take a deep dive into the three primary leadership functions and help you create strategies to execute these key functions.
  3.  Next, we look at leadership and communication styles and help you identify your natural tendencies and address any challenges.
  4. Then we discuss the interesting relationship between charisma and leadership.
  5. A significant part of our process is how high performing organizations all have effective feedback systems engrained in their culture.
  6.  Finally, we explore key issues leaders face including performance counseling, managing burnout, leadership and planning, information management, and more.

YOUR RESULT: A competent, confident, inspiring, and character driven leader.

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