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Your Default Mindsets, Your Single Most Important Asset, or Liability!


Mindsets are foundational for optimal performance.  Mindsets are a frame of reference or viewpoint developed over-time based upon your experiences and the environment in which you live.  These mindsets are dynamic and dependent upon your strengths, weaknesses, and circumstances.  

A mindset is simply a pair of “glasses” that YOU SELECT to help yourself “see”.  Your default mindsets affect every aspect of life and determine what you see, how you think, how you decide and respond, and EVEN those you interact with.

I’ve identified six performance mindsets that shape your basic attitude, willingness to learn, general level of commitment, and default sense of leadership and responsibility.

This course is all about helping you understand and identify your default mindsets so you can manage them to achieve optimal performance.

We use a three-step learning process of learn, apply, and reflect to teach the mental preparation skills necessary to thrive in challenging and uncertain environments.  Presentations, activities, and exercise downloads are designed to help you conduct a self-assessment and create improvement strategies so you can move toward the confident, focused, and mentally tough person of character you want and need to become. 

 What’s included:

  • Introduction to the six Peak Performance Mindsets.
  • How to identify your default mindsets (to include a self-assessment tool).
  • Learn how mindsets are developed at individual and team level.
  • Learn how to manage, and even change your default mindsets to achieve optimal performance.
  • A module dedicated to leaders, teachers, coaches, and parents focused on applying mindsets management principles at team level.