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The Lead-Self Master Course (Foundational Tools)


If you find it challenging to understand self-leadership, you'll encounter significant difficulties in understanding how to lead others, including your own family.

These tools are an integrated system designed to:

  •  “Bridge the Gap” between where you are and your best self.
  •  Accelerate your self-awareness journey so you can better understand yourself, and others.
  •  Assist you in creating purpose, direction, and intention in your life by determining where you are, where you are going, and how you will get to your destination.

What’s included:

The Foundational Courses designed to help you lay the foundation to your best self.

  • Course #1: Living an Intentional and Purposeful Life Master course. Transform from meandering your way through life and just going along for the ride to:  knowing where you are at, where you are heading, and creating a plan to get there. 
  • Course 2: The Organizational Toolbox: If you want to be a true master of your craft, you must be able to COMMAND the use of your time, energy, effort, and thought.  The Organizational Toolbox can help.  Topics include:  your planning calendar, your “doing Calendar”, check lists, task lists, and the “Learning Tool”-your journal / notebook.
  • Course #3: “Your "Personal Compass” Your Navigational Tool: Your personal compass helps you identify “true north”, that never changing reference point that offers critical information to assist your decision-making process in dynamic and challenging environments. Learn how to create your own compass to help you navigate life’s challenges and uncertainty.
  • Course #4: Your Default Mindsets, Your Single Most Important Asset, or Liability!  Lesson includes the six performance mindsets; assessment tools to help you identify your default mindsets; and techniques to manage and even change them, if necessary, to achieve optimal performance. 
  • Course #5: Creating Iron-Like Mental Toughness: Closing the Capability Gap:  Lesson includes the six components of performance (including mental toughness, the integrative component); assessments to help you identify your natural tendencies; and techniques to improve within each.

YOUR RESULT: A more self-aware, focused, mentally tough, character driven leader that performs and gets results in challenging environments. 

Presentations, assessments, activities, and exercise downloads are designed to help you conduct a self-assessment and create improvement strategies so they can move toward the confident, focused, and mentally tough person of character you need to become. 

Each course includes a lesson designed for leaders, coaches, teachers, and parents to help them implement these critical skills at “team” level.

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