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Create Consistency Through Practical and Effective Rituals

There are many aspects of performance you don’t control, but in challenging and difficult circumstances, focusing on what you do control can be a major benefit.  Performance rituals help you create focus and “get in the zone”; establish consistency in preparation; and increase your sense of control and preparedness.

We’ll help you perform and lead at your best by creating practical and effective rituals.

 “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act but a habit.”


 You are unlikely to find any top performer who doesn’t religiously follow a core set of habits and routines, and have a daily ritual they protect at all costs.  There are subtle differences between the three, but all are related, and serve an important role in helping you perform at your best.  Combined, all can have an exponential, synergistic, and positive effect on your performance, OR, if negatively oriented, can devastate your effort.

If you are serious about what you do and you need to perform at your best, you can’t just nonchalantly show up, expect things to fall into place and go your way.  This haphazard approach may work during less demanding situations, but it won’t serve you well during difficult challenges or against serious competitors. 

What’s included: 

  • A discussion of the differences and relationships between habits, routines, and rituals to help you implement all three tools to achieve your best.
  • A discussion on why rituals are important and how you can use them to beat distractions, get in-the-zone, and create certainty, consistency, and confidence in how you “perform”.
  • An in-depth section on how to apply lifestyle rituals, pre/during/post event rituals to achieve optimal performance.
  • The lesson includes one downloadable assessment tool designed to help you identify your current rituals and an exercise to help you adjust your existing rituals to achieve your optimal performance.

Don’t be like everyone else, distracted and constantly checking your social media, texts, or email when you should be focused, engaged, and productive doing what is important to you.  Instead, be different.  Become focused, intentional, purpose oriented and transform into the character driven, mentally tough leader you need and can become.  Emplace a higher standard by holding yourself accountable.

Physical preparation is the obvious, but not easy task, while mental and emotional preparation is far more challenging, yet equally important.  Rituals that focus on the physical preparation can also help create mental and emotional preparedness as well.  Simply put, well-designed rituals prepare the serious performer for an important event and help:

  • Create familiarity with the unknown.
  • Create consistency and a sense of control to a dynamic situation.
  • Get in the zone for an upcoming event or competition by creating focus.
  • Instill confidence in your preparedness.
  • Rest, relax, and prepare for future events.

The result:  A TRANSFORMED You.  You become more focused, intentional, purpose oriented and transform into the character driven, mentally tough leader you need and can become.

If you are a leader, coach, teacher, or parent looking for a science-based system to instill confidence, focus, and mental toughness within those you care about, start with my system, and adjust to meet your needs.  To be successful, you must address the problem with your children, students, or teammates.  They must understand the challenge, the costs, and the solutions.  My system provides you the ready to use framework and lexicon necessary to have a life-long impact on those you care about.