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The Organizational Toolbox

If you are committed to “mastering your craft”, accelerating your development, and taking your game to the next level, it begins with self-responsibility, taking ownership of your actions, being a good teammate and a good family member.

Master Craftsmen are masters of their time.  They must be to get in the work necessary to achieve their goals.  We believe the first step to closing the gap between where you are and where you are capable of being is accepting self-responsibility and being self-accountable.

The journey begins with the small stuff, the boring stuff.  Like making your bed, picking up your room, and “keeping your head in the game” and doing what you know needs doing without your parents reminding you.

If you want to be a true master of your craft, you must be able to COMMAND the use of your time, energy, effort, and thought.  If you do not, somebody will likely do it for you.  This is applicable as a student, athlete, parent, coach, professional, or any other aspect of life.  This approach to life creates intentionality and purpose with your time, energy, effort, and thought.

Being a Master of Your Craft is about being intentional and purposeful. Having a plan, being prepared, executing, learning, applying, and reflecting.  The organizational toolbox helps you do that. The organizational toolbox creates initiative. It allows you to be proactive vs. reactive. Places you in a position of control vs. reacting.

This course is about helping you create a simple and effective personal planning system, so you know where you are at, where you are heading, and have a plan to reach your destination.

The “Organizational Toolbox” course includes:

  • Planning tools to plan the use of our time consisting of calendars, tasks lists, and check lists.
  • Journaling and “Notebooking” tools designed to provide you a space where you can problem solve, brainstorm, or think deeply on specific topics.

The course provides practical and real-life examples.