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Create Consistent and Unshakeable Confidence Through Effective Goal Setting

Everyone needs and wants to be confident.  If you are a leader, or aspiring leader, having confidence is critical.  If you lack confidence, your team will know immediately, and even worse, they will follow your lead.  Poor confidence spreads rapidly throughout any team.

Confidence requires preparation, action, and the right attitude, and this course will show you how.

Confidence and goal setting are inseparable, and this course includes both.  An effective goal setting system sets the conditions for unshakable confidence by providing direction, a route, and milestones to chart progress.

Once you know where you are heading, it is time to build confidence.  

This course introduces you to:

  • A simple and effective goal setting system include the vision, way points, and supporting habits.
  • An easy-to-use goal setting framework.
  • A clear understanding of what confidence is.
  • The "Confidence Bridge.
  • Common challenges, pitfalls, and misconceptions of confidence.
  • “The Five Principles”, that if applied, lead to unshakable confidence, regardless of difficulty.