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Creating Laser-Like Focus through Distraction Management and Mindfulness!

How often do you find yourself: 

  • Unable to focus long enough to accomplish a simple task without checking your phone, reading the latest news or sports update, or responding to an alert or text?
  • Thinking about the past or the future when you should focus on the present? 

If you are like most, we spend about half our time thinking about something other than what we are doing.  Not only does this hinder our effectiveness, but it also impacts our happiness. 

Distraction silently consumes our time and energy, hinders our ability to focus, negatively impacts our health and relationships, impedes our ability to conduct deep work, and inhibits our ability to intently listen to those who are important to us.  

If you are a leader, coach, teacher, or parent, this distracted nature negatively impacts your “bottom line” (profit, training time, study time, quality family time, AND MORE). 

Learning to control your thoughts and ability to focus couldn’t be more timely or important. 

You can’t achieve anything of significance until you can focus and do the hard work.  Because focus and mindfulness are inseparable, we’ve included both.  

What’s included:

  • Course 1: Creating Laser Like Focus.  Learning to focus involves understanding distractions and having practical and actionable techniques to defeat them.  Course includes interesting research behind distractions, a basic discussion of concentration styles, the impacts of multi-tasking, the three common types of distractions, and a simple 4 step process to defeat them and create laser-like focus. 
  • Course 2: Creating Mindfulness Through Meditation.  You can’t improve your ability to focus without applying the concept of mindfulness.  Being mindful takes your focus to the next level and involves being in the present by working to control your thoughts so you can focus on the here and now and not the past or the future.  The notion of focus and mindfulness are inseparable.  Learn the basics of meditation and its irrefutable benefits; four practical meditation techniques (the reset, training, reflection, and preparation session) designed to help you defeat “the mother of all distractions”. 

 Benefits of this Course

Don’t be like everyone else, distracted and constantly checking your social media, texts, or email when you should be focused, engaged, and productive doing what is important to you.  Instead, be different.  Be focused, intentional, purpose oriented and transform into the character driven, mentally tough leader you need and can become.  Emplace a higher standard by holding yourself accountable.

The result:

  • More meaningful relationships because you are present, focused, and engaged.
  • More productive because you are mindful and focused on the present.
  • Healthier because you are less stressed and more energized.

 If you are a leader, coach, teacher, or parent looking for a science-based system to help your “team” focus on what is important, start with these two courses. 

To be successful, you must address the problem with your “team”.  They must understand the challenges, the costs, and the solutions. 

This “4 Step Approach” to Creating / Managing Ability to Focus provides you the ready to use framework and lexicon necessary to have a life-long impact on those you care about.

Are you ready to learn how to take on this serious problem so you can be fully engaged, lead your team, and perform at your best?